The Bulletin is scientific periodical contributing to the study of archaeology, art-history, iconography, and epigraphy of the Ancient Orient/Near and Middle East. Also included are excavation reports in Syria and Uzbekistan, curatorial and material studies.


第39号VOLUME XXXIX, 2021 【在庫あり】¥4,500


001 仏教植物図像学(1)インド仏教美術のマンゴー(田辺勝美)
Buddhist Plant Iconography (1) Mango in Indian Buddhist Art and Literature (K. Tanabe)
035 古代エジプトファイアンスの復元研究(作元朋子、南澤武蔵、田澤恵子、高見妙、碇京子)
Restoration Study of Faience(T. Sakumoto, M. Minamisawa, K. Tazawa, T. Takami, and K. Ikari)
055 COVID-19禍における子供を対象としたオンデマンド式ワークショップの実践報告 (高見妙)
Report on Practice of On-demand Workshop for Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic (T. Takami)


第38号VOLUME XXXVII, 2019/2020 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 リム・シン第3年の「敷地付家屋 (é.dù.à)」売買契約文書(月本昭男)
An Ė. DÙ. A Purchase Contract Dated to the 3rd Year of Rim-Shin and Its Background (A. Tsukimoto)


Meroetic Archer’s Rings Part I - Funerary Context (T. Sakamoto and D. Faīza)
031 An Essay on Four Categories of Ancient and Early Medieval Classical Figured Textiles: The technical innovations in the prologue of the world history of the figured weaves (K. Yokohari)
077 第25回ICOM(国際博物館会議)京都大会2019参加報告(田澤恵子)
ICOM Kyoto 2019: 25th General Conference (K. Tazawa)

(C)2019/2020 BAOM. XXXVIII

第37号VOLUME XXXVII, 2017/2018 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 シリア、テル・アリ・アル=ハッジ(テル・ルメイラ)遺跡出土の前期青銅器~鉄器時代の貝製品(木下尚子)
A Second Report on the Shell Remains from Tell Ali al-Hajj, an Ealry Bronze Age to Iron Age Site, Syria (N. Kinoshita)


Seal Impressions on the Cuneiform Tablets from the Middle Euphrates Region in the Hirayama Collection (K. Ishida)
037 Indian Bodhi-Tree or Ivy Scroll in Gandharan Art -A Misidentified Cordiform Floral Motif-
ガンダーラ美術のインド菩提樹あるいは木蔦渦巻文 -誤って同定された一つのハート形葉文-(田辺勝美)

(C)2017/2018 BAOM. XXXVII

第36号VOLUME XXXVI, 2016 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 An archaeological reconnaissance of caves and rockshelters in the Kashkadarya Valley, Uzbekistan, 2014 (Y. Nishiaki et al.)


Pottery Production and Interaction between Sedentary Settlements in the Bulgarian Early Bronze Age: Investigating Ceramic Paste Composition through Petrographic and Chemical Analyses (M. Semmoto et al.)
037 A second Report on the Macro-botanical Remains from Tell Ali al-Hajj, an Early Bronze Age-to-Iron Age Syrian Site (C. Akashi)
057 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(12) 涅槃図の構造分析-釈尊の臥法を中心に-(田辺勝美)
Iconograhical Studies on Ganharan Art (12) Structural Analysis of Mahaparinirvana Relief Panels -Focusing on Buddha's Reclining Posture-(K. Tanabe)


第35号VOLUME XXXV, 2015 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 Graves before Settlement: The Early Bronze Age Extramural Cemetery and the Sedentary Settlement of Tell Ali al-Hajj (K. Shimogama)
031 Shell Ornament Processing Methods in Northern Syria during the Early and Middle Bronze Age (T. Adachi)
045 Nadītum-Women Reflected in the Bequest Documents from Old Babylonian Sippar(I. Nakata)
065 テル・ミショルフェ採集のアケメネス朝/初期ヘレニズム時代遺物(津本英利)
Achaemenid/ Early Hellenistic surface finds collected at Tell Misrifat Hajj Ali Issa on the Syrian Euphrates(H. Tsumoto)
081 古代オリエント博物館所蔵古代エジプトのビーズ製マスク型ミイラおおいに関する一考察(田澤恵子)
Mummy bead mask in the Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo(K. Tazawa)
101 ガンダーラから極楽浄土図?ー古代オリエント博物館寄託の仏説法図についてー(田中公明)
A Depiction of Sukhavati from Gandhara? A Sculptural Relief of a Preaching Buddha on Loan to the Ancient Orient Museum(K. Tanaka)
119 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(11)ガンダーラの葡萄酒造り図に関する二、三の考察ーH.ファルクの新説の当否に関連してー(田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandharan Art (11) Making and Drinking of Wine at Buddhist monastries? -Reviewing H. Falk's Thesis-(K.Tanabe)

(C)2015 BAOM. XXXV

第34号VOLUME XXXIV, 2014 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 Preliminary Results of Archaeobotanical Studies at the Bronze-Iron Age Site of Tell Ali al-Hajj (Tell Rumeilah), Syria (Ch. Akashi)
019 A Cylinder Seal from Tell Ali al Hajj, Syria (K. Ishida)
031 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(10) 釈尊は般涅槃後、いずこに赴いたのか? ー帝政ローマ期石棺のエロース・ケートス像と釈尊の梵天界往生を予示する涅槃図をめぐってー (田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandhāran Art (10): Where had the Buddha Sakyamuni gone after the Mahparinirvana? -Eros riding a Ketos on Roman Imperial Sarcophagi and a Mahaparinirvana Relief foretelling the Buddha's Rebirth in the Brahmaloka Heaven-(K. Tanabe)


第33号VOLUME XXXIII, 2013 【在庫あり】¥4,500

001 Pottery from Balochistan in Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo, Part 2: the late third millennium BCE(A. Uesugi)
古代オリエント博物館所蔵のバローチスターン地方の土器 ー前3千年紀後半の資料ー(上杉彰紀)
075 可搬型蛍光X線分析装置を用いた古代オリエント博物館収蔵金属製品の素材識別(金成太郎 他)
Identification of material for artifacts stored in Ancient Orient Museum using pottable XRF (T. Kannari et al.)
085 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(9) マーカンディカの娘婿依頼図の再検討 ー平山コレクション浮彫の典拠と古代インドにおける水瓶の象徴性をめぐってー (田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandhāran Art (9): Reconsideration of Mākandika's Offer of His Daughter to the Buddha -The Textual Source of the Hirayama Collection Relief and the Symbolism of Ewer/Vase in Ancient India-(K. Tanabe)


第32号VOLUME XXXII, 2012 【在庫なし】¥3,500

001 Pottery from Balochistan in Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo, Part 1: From the late fourth to the early third millennia BCE(A. Uesugi)
111 資料紹介/シリア出土人物注口土器(石田恵子)
Syrian Jug with a Male-Figured Spout (K. Ishida)
127 Sumerian Documents in Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo (F. Karahashi)
古代オリエント博物館所蔵および受託のシュメール語文書 (唐橋 文)
141 日本隊発掘調査によるパルミラ地下墓出土の饗宴図像にみられる容器について(宮下佐江子)
Étude des coupes qui figurent dans les scènes de banquet des hypogées palmyréniennes BWLH & BWRP et TYBL (S. Miyashita)
157 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(8):釈尊の納棺と葬法ー梵・パーリ本『大般涅槃経』の叙述と仏伝浮彫の図像をめぐってー(K. Tanabe)
Iconographical Studies on Gandhāran Art(8): The Sarcophagus of the Buddha and His Obsequies - Comparison of the descriptions of the Mahāparinirvānasūtra and the Images of the Placement of the Buddha's Corpse in a Sarcophagus - (K. Tanabe)
193 Scrapes and Countermarks on Sasanian and Sasanian-Type Silver Coins of the 6th and 7th Centuries (1) (M. Tsumura)
6-7世紀のサーサーン式銀貨にみられる擦痕とカウンターマーク(1) (津村眞輝子)


第31号VOLUME XXXI, 2011 【在庫あり】¥4,000

001 An Early Dynastic Tablet ub Ancient Orient Museum (F. Karahashi)
古代オリエント博物館所蔵のシュメール初期王朝時代粘土版文書 (唐橋 文)
017 前三千年紀末シリアのライオン装飾付き注口甕について(石田恵子)
Spouted Jar with applied lions in Syria at the end of the 3rd millennium B.C. (K. Ishida)
043 資料紹介/マリ文書に見るバビロン王ハンムラビ(中田一郎)
Textual Sources in Translation/Selected Mari Texts Pertinent to the Unification of Babylonia by Hammurabi (I. Nakata)
083 紀元前二千年紀後葉のキプロス土器「ホワイト・スリップ土器」をめぐる一考察ー古代オリエント博物館収蔵資料を中心にー (長谷川敦章)
White Slip Ware in Ancient Orient Museum (A. Hasegawa)
107 Three Figurines with a Raised Arm in Ancient Orient Musuem(K. Tazawa)
古代オリエント博物館所蔵 右腕を振り上げた小像(三点) (田澤恵子)
123 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(6):一角仙人とガンダーラの所謂化粧皿ーガンダーラの所謂化粧皿はガンダーラの在家仏教徒の所有物であるー(田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandharan Art (6): Ṛṣyaśṛṇga and so-called Gandhāran Toilet-trays: So-called Gandhāran Toilet-trays were possessed by Lay Buddhists of Gandhāra (K. Tanabe)
175 Preliminary Report of a Seventh Century Sasanian Silver Drachm Hoard in Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo(M. Tsumura)
207 可搬型蛍光X線分析装置による古代オリエント博物館所蔵サーサーン朝銀製品の非破壊組成分析(2011年度調査)(堀内慧 他)
Non-destructive Chemical Analysis of Sasanian Silver Collection of Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo, by Using Portable XRF Spectrometer (Investigation in Year 2011) (K. Horiuchi et al.)
229 可搬型分析装置による古代オリエント博物館所蔵ガラス、ファイアンス陶器の非破壊分析調査(阿部善也 他)
Non-destructive Analysis of Glass, Faience, and Pottery Collections of Ancient Orient Museum by Using Portable Analytical Instruments (Y. Abe et al.)

(C)2011 BAOM. XXXI

第29-30号VOLUME XXIX-XXX, 2009-2010【在庫あり】¥5,000

001 テル・ルメイラ出土の家形模型について(2)(石田恵子)
"House Models" excavated from Tell Rumeilah (2) (K. Ishida)
033 Considering the Neo-Assyrian Influence on Ceramic Bowls in the Iron Age Levant(T. Adachi)
レヴァント鉄器時代の鉢形土器に見るアッシリアの影響について (足立拓朗)
051 テル・マストゥーマ遺跡(シリア北西部)におけるアケメネス朝ペルシア時代ー0層出土遺物と遺構の性格についてー(津本英利)
Achaemenid period at Tell Mastuma, Northwest Syria: Some Remarkable Finds and the Character of the Remains at Stratum 0 (H. Tsumoto)
065 紀元前一千年紀におけるフェニキアの海外発展ー宗教的側面を中心にー(佐藤育子)
Phoenician Expansion in the First Millenium B.C.: From a Religious Perspective (I. Sato)
079 Three Stamped Amphora Handles in the Ancient Orient Museum(S. Hasegawa)
083 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(4):成道後の釈尊の安楽座像と新出カーピシー派彫刻の制作年代(田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandharan Art (4): The Buddha seated at ease after the Enlightment and the Date of a few newly-unearthed Kapisian Buddhist reliefs (K. Tanabe)
137 ガンダーラ美術に見られる古代ギリシアの手の仕草ー顎に手を触れる仕草をめぐってー(田辺理)
A Study on a Greek hand gesture in the Art of Gandhara: Focsuing on touching another's chin with raised hand(T. Tanabe)
163 東アジアの腰袋(佩嚢)ー東西交流の視点からー(宮下佐江子)
A propos des escarcelles en Asie de l'est: perspective du point de vue des échanges Est-Ouest (S. Miyashita)


第28号VOLUME XXVIII, 2008【在庫あり】¥3,500

001 古代オリエント博物館開館30周年を迎えて(岩崎卓也)
Celebrating the Museum's 30th Anniversary of Ancient Orient Museum (T. Iwasaki)
006 江上波夫先生の思い出(平山郁夫)
Memory of Prof. Namio Egami (I. Hirayama)
009 Reflections on the Paleolithic and Neolithic sites investigated by the University of Tokyo mission in the Palmyra basin, Syria (1967-1984) (Y. Nishiaki)
023 チータ猟の起源ーワディ・アブ・トレイハ遺跡出土の新資料からー(藤井純夫)
The Origin of Cheetah-Hunting: A New Perspective from Wadi Abu Tulayha in Southern Jordan (S. Fujii)
039 古代メソポタミアにおける乳利用と乳製品(三宅裕)
Milk and Dairy Production in Ancient Mesopotamia (Y. Miyake)
053 Pottery in the Latter Part of the Early Bronze Age: Gaziantep Archaeological Museum Collection(R. Kontani)
065 Early Bronze Age Graves around Tell Rumeilah in North Syria(Ishida, K. et al.)
テル・ルメイラ周辺の前期青銅器時代の墓について(石田恵子 他)
091 ガンダーラ美術の図像学的研究(2): クシャン人在家菩薩像についてー聖紐と仏龕を中心にー(田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Gandharan Art (2): A Kushan Gṛhī Bodhisattva image wearing a yajñopavīta and holding a small, portable shrine (K. Tanabe)
127 サミット(綾地緯錦)論考(横張和子)
Short Statement on the SAMIT (K. Yokohari)
151 金糸織物の発展ー特に「納失失」について―(坂本和子)
The Development of silk with gold threads -especially on "Nashishi" (K. Sakamoto)
167 中央アジア出土の唐代胡服(道明三保子)
A garment known as kohuku of the Tang Dynasty found in Central Asia (M. Domyo)
185 Conservation of Sūrya Temple of Koṇārka (Orissa, India) and the Landscape Planning around the Site(M. Konishi)
197 Necessity for National Legislations to Control the Illict Import of Archaeological Objects(H. Fujii)


第27号VOLUME XXVII, 2007【在庫あり】¥2,500

001 テル・ルメイラ出土の家形模型について(石田恵子)
"House Models" excavated from Tell Rumeilah (K. Ishida)
023 パルミラ女性彫像の動物意匠装飾装身具について(宮下佐江子)
A propos des animaux figuratifs ornant les statues de femme palmyréninnes (S. Miyashita)
041 ガンダーラ伝教図像学研究(1)アシタ仙人と弟子の饗応ー仏伝浮彫とテキストとの比較ー(田辺勝美)
Iconographical Studies on Ghandara: Comparison of Reliefs with Texts (K. Tanabe)
085 ガンダーラ出土の石製半円形小皿についてーいわゆる化粧皿説の否定ー(田辺勝美)
A Unique Semicircular Stone Dish from Gandhara: Further negation of toileting function and purpose (K. Tanabe)
101 史君墓石槨における動物たち(石渡美江)
Marine monsters on the sarcophagus of Shi's Tomb (M. Ishiwata)
117 シリア、テル・ミショルフェ遺跡出土ローマコインの調査概報(津村眞輝子)
Roman Coins from Tell Mishrifat Hajj Ali Issa, Syria: A Preliminary Report (M. Tsumura)
127 ミショルフェ遺跡出土コインの自然科学的調査(関博充・三浦麻衣子)
A non-invasive Analysis of Coins from Tell Mishrifat, Syria (H. Seki & M. Miura)


第26号VOLUME XXVI, 2006【在庫あり】¥2,500

001 City Planning in Ancient India(A. Hori)
011 印章におけるスペード形樹木(石田恵子)
Spade tree motif in Near Eastern glyptics (K. Ishida)
027 On the Composition of the Relief of Pasherieniset in Tanis, Egypt(T. Nakano)
037 クシャーン王朝揺籃の地(前田たつひこ)
Searching for the Cradle Land of the Kushan Dynasty (T. Maeda)
055 The Early Medieval Burial Ground on the Dalverzin's City Wall(B. Turgunov)
067 新出楼蘭壁画に関する二、三の考察(田辺勝美)
A Study in the recently found mural from Loulan in China (K. Tanabe)
107 所謂ザンダニージー Zandaniji 錦をめぐって(横張和子)
An Essay on the so-called Zandaniji Silk (K. Yokohari)

(C)2006 BAOM. XXVI

第25号VOLUME XXV, 2005【在庫あり】¥2,500

001 A Burial in the Middle Euphrates, in Syria. Grave D-No.21: An Early Bronze Age grave in Area D in Rumeilah(Sh. Wakita et al.)
017 The Indus Script: Who wrote it and what does it comprise?(A. Hori)
027 アビュドスのセティⅠ世葬祭殿で王がオシリスになる儀式(村治笙子)
(Muraji, S.: Ritual ceremonies concerning the King's deification into Osiris in the mortuary temple of Seti I at Abydos)
043 刻線画のある石製容器片ーシリア国テル・ルメイラ出土(石田恵子)
(Ishida,K.: Two Fragments of a Stone Box from Tell Rumeilah, Syria)
057 A marble head of Bodhisattva from Gandhara and Roman sculptures around the latter half of the 2nd century: including the stylistic relations of clay-sculptures from Tapa-Shotor (Hadda) (T. Yasumoto)
073 ガンダーラ仏教彫刻における化粧する貴婦人の象徴的意味(田辺勝美)
(Tanabe,K.: Symbolic Meanings of Toileting Lady in Gandharan Buddhist Reliefs)
087 Animals in the Iron Age and Persian Period: Preliminary Report of Faunal Remains from Tell Mastuma, Northwest Syria(Tome, C. & Nishiyama,S.)

(C)2005 BAOM. XXV

第24号VOLUME XXIV, 2004【在庫あり】¥2,000

001 Des statuettes de musiciennes en terre cuite découvertes en Syrie(S. Miyashita)
017 Textiles excavated in Xinjiang by the German Expeditions(K. Sakamoto)
045 前三千年紀のメソポタミアにおける円筒印章の彫刻技術の展開(木内智康)
(Kiuchi, T.: Development of Engraving Technology for Cylinder Seals in the Third Millennium BC Mesopotamia)
065 ガンダーラのいわゆる化粧皿の用途について(田辺勝美)
(Tanabe, K.: Function of the so-called Gandharan Toilet-trays

(C)2004 BAOM. XXIV

第23号VOLUME XXIII, 2003【在庫なし】

001 古代メソポタミアの船:日常生活の船、「聖なる舟」、擬人化された舟(岡田明子)
(Okada, A.: Ships in Ancient Mesopotamia: Ships in Daily Life, 'Divine Boat' and Anthropomorphical Boats
017 「グデアの碑」について2 ~「杖を持つ神」~(小林登志子)
(Kobayashi, T.: "Deity with a Staff": On the "Stele of Gudea" Part 2)
031 The Pottery and the Remains of Stratum 0 (Achaemenid Persian period at Tell Mastuma in Northwest Syria(Hisahiko Wada)
075 波羅蜜(多)・到彼岸の最古の造形と仏教の起源ーガンダーラ仏教美術のいわゆる「非仏教的彫刻」の新解釈ー(田辺勝美)
(Tanabe, K.: The Earliest Imagery of Pȃramitȃ and the Origin of the Buddha Image: New interpretation of the so-called non-Buddhist images of the Gandharan Buddhist Art)
151 李静訓墓出土首飾り(石渡美江)
(Ishiwata, M.; A Study on the Necklace of Li Jingxun Tomb)
167 韓国のガラス製舎利容器(朱瑛煕、木下亘 韓文和訳)
(Joo, Y.: A Study on the Korean glass-made sarira vessel)


第22号VOLUME XXII, 2001/2【在庫あり】¥3,000

001 ケルマン出土の石製容器に描かれた水牛冠神像(堀 晄)
(Hori, A.: Buffalo-crowned deity on a steatite bowl from Kerman, Iran)
011 北・中央アジア出土銅鏡を巡る若干の問題~カザフスタン共和国トゥズサイ遺跡出土例から(近藤さおり)
(Kondoh, S.: Some problems on bronze mirrors from Central Asia, A Han-style mirror from Tuzusai site, Kazakhstan)
019 狩猟図におけるパルティアン・ショット(武内律志)
(Takeuchi, R.: The Parthian Shot in Hunting Scenes)
033 ガンダーラの床几(sella curulis)に関する二、三の考察(田辺勝美)
(Tanabe, K.: A Few Remarks on Sella Curulis in Gandhara)
063 バーミヤーン東大仏の製作年代に関する一考察ー玄奘さん、見てきたような嘘をいいー(田辺勝美)
(Tanabe, K.: Foundation for dating the 38 meter Buddha Image at Bamiyan. Did Hiuen-Tsiang tell the truth about the Eastern Colossus at Bȃmiyȃn?)
105 バーディエからの視点:シリア・アレッポ南東部、ジャバル・アハス、ジャバル・シュベイ地域の遺跡(山崎やよい、ハミード・ハンマーデ)
(Yamazaki, Y. & H. Hammade: A view from Badiye Shamie: The Ghassanid Site in the Region of Jabal al-Ahass and Jabal Shbeith, Southeast of Aleppo, Syria)

(C)2002 BAOM. XXII

第21号VOLUME XXI, 2000【在庫あり】¥3,000

001 Fourth Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (2000), Northwestern Syria (A. Tsuneki et al.)
037 Discoveries and Investigations of the Barrows in the Ili Basin(Y. Zhang)
(Translated from Chinese by T. Hayashi)
065 パルミラ東南墓域C号墓出土の有翼天使像について(宮下左江子)
(Miyashita, S.: The Winged Goddesses Unearthed from Tomb C Palmyra
075 ダルヴェルジン・テパで発見されたグレコ・バクトリア時代の土器窯について(堀 晄)
(Hori, A.: Greco-Bactrian Pottery kilns at Dal'verzin Tepa, Uzbekistan)
089 ダルヴェルジン・テパの発掘(2000年度調査の概報)(田辺勝美、山内和也 他)
(Tanabe, K., K. Yamauchi et al.: Excavation at Dal'verzin Tepa, Uzbekistan, 2000)

(C)2001 BAOM. XXI

第20号VOLUME XX, 1999【在庫あり】¥3,000

001 Third Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (1999), Northwestern Syria(A. Tsuneki et al.)
033 The Identity of Osorkon III: the Revival of Old Theory (Prince Osorkon=Osorkon III)(M. Ohshiro)
051 ヘーラクレース神とチューリップ花冠ーグレコ・バクトリア王国における東西文化の交流ー(田辺勝美)
(K. Tanabe: Heracles and His Diadem with Tulips: East-West Cultural Contact in Greco-Bactrian Kingdom)
101 ダルヴェルジン・テペの発掘(1999年度調査の概報)(田辺勝美、堀 晄 他)
(K. Tanabe, A. Hori et al.: Excavation at Dal'verzin Tepe, Uzbekistan, 1999)

(C)2000 BAOM. XX

第19号VOLUME XIX, 1998【在庫あり】¥3,000

001 Second Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh (1998), Northwestern Syria(A. Tsuneki et al.)
041 テル・マストゥーマ遺跡出土鉄関連遺物の自然科学的調査結果について(赤沼英男)
(H. Akanuma: Archaeometallurgical Analysis of Iron Objects from Tell Mastuma, Northwest Syria)
055 中央アジアにおけるナナー女神の性質(武内律志)
(R. Takeuchi: The Function of Goddess Nanȃ in Central Asia)
073 ダルヴェルジン・テペの発掘(1998年度調査の概報)(田辺勝美、堀 晄 他)
(K. Tanabe, A. Hori et al.: Excavation at Dal'verzin Tepe, Uzbekistan, 1998)

(C)1999 BAOM. XIX

第18号VOLUME XVIII, 1997【在庫あり】¥3,500

001 First Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Tell el-Kerkh(1997), Northwestern Syria(A. Tsuneki et al.)
041 The fine carinated bowl in the Iron Age(T. Adachi)
057 Metal Objects from the 1993-1995 Excavations at Tell Mastuma, Northwestern Syria(H. Tsumoto)
073 Who worshipped the clay goddess?: the late first millennium BC terracotta figurines from Tell Mastuma, Northwest Syria(Sh. Nishiyama & S. Yoshizawa)
099 サミット成立考ー中国の場合ー(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: On the Realization of the Chinese Samit)
157 ダルヴェルジン・テペの発掘(1997年度概報)(田辺勝美、堀 晄 他)
(K. Tanabe, A. Hori et al.: Excavation at Dalverzin Tepe, Uzbekistan, 1997)
213 唐鏡における西方銀器の影響(石渡美江)
(M. Ishiwata: Influences of "Western" Silver Wares on T'ang Bronse Mirrors)
233 イラン考古学の新発見(2)(山内 和也)
(K. Yamauchi: New Discoveries of Iranian Archaeology, 2)


第17号VOLUME XVII, 1996【在庫なし】

001 Chemical Analyses of Some Sarmatian Bronzes(M. Hall & L. Yablonsky)
021 A Sayonara to Sir William? On Hori and Proto Indo-European(Mark J. Hudson)
025 出家踰城図のイラン系武人像再考(田辺勝美)
(K. Tanabe: The armed personage in Great Departure Scene restated)
065 ササン朝ペルシア帝王熊狩文銀製皿の新資料について(黒川 豊)
(Y. Kurokawa: A Newly Found Sasanian Silver Plate with Royal Bear Hunt)
089 テル・マストゥーマ遺跡出土鉄器の製作技法について(赤沼英男)
(H. Akanuma: The Manufacturing Method of the Iron Implements from Tell Mastuma in Syria)
101 ダルヴェルジン・テペ城砦址の発掘(1996年度)(田辺勝美、堀 晄 他)
(K. Tanabe, A. Hori et al.: Excavation at Dalverzin Tepe, 1996)
123 イラン考古学の発見(1)(山内和也)
(K. Yamauchi: New Discoveries of Iranian Archaeology,1)

(C)1997 BAOM. XVII

第16号VOLUME XVI, 1995【在庫あり】¥3,000

001 Tell Mastuma: A Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Idlib, Syria, in 1994 and 1995(Sh. Wakita et al.)
075 Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Layers of Tell Mastuma: The Results of Sounding at Square 15Gc(A. Tsuneki)
109 Relations between Kültepe and Northern Syria during the Third Millennium B.C.(R. Kontani)
143 The Proto-Indo-European: A Ruined Hypothesis(A. Hori)
153 「冥界の神」ニンアズ神、即ち「個人の守護神」として選ばれた神々の共通性に関する一試論(小林登志子)
(T. Kobayasi: Ninazu, Chthonic Deity, that is Personal Deity: An Essay on Features Common to Deities Selected as Personal Deities
177 大谷探検隊将来絹資料の研究:その二錦と羅(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: Study of Silk Documents brought by the Otani Misson: The second report)

(C)1996 BAOM. XVI

第15号VOLUME XV, 1994【在庫なし】

001 On the Early City and the Beginning of the State in Ancian China(B. Yunxiang)
023 Tell Masutuma: A Preliminary Report of the Excavations in Idlib, Syria, 1993(Sh. Wakita et al.)
051 Pottery Vessels in the Iron Age II in the South Area in Tell Mastuma(H. Wada)
077 ポンペイ:住宅建築と東方ヘレニズム的装飾(U.Pappalardo, 平山東子訳)
Special Section: Thracian Archaeology
111 Anciant Thrace: A Non-Literary Society(A. Fol)
121 The Thracian Mounds(G. Kitov)
149 The Painting and the Sculpture in the Thracian Tombs of the 4th Century BC(I. Venedikov)
169 The King and the Art(I. Marazov)
205 Sparadokos: An Odrysian KIng Neglected by the Sources(M. Tacheva)
231 The Thracian-Dionysus and the Belief in Immortality(E. Penkova)

(C)1995 BAOM. XV

第14号VOLUME XIV, 1993【在庫あり】¥6,000

001 Core Reduction Technology at the Middle Palaeolithic Site of Keoue Cave, Lebanon (Y. Nishiaki)
023 Theoretical Reassessment of Blade/Bladelet Width Formation: 1. Correlation with the Number of Central Ridges (S. Fujii)
033 Local Cultural Zones in the Early Neolithic in the Levant through the Frequency Pattern of Points, Scrapers and Sickle Blade(H. Wada)
053 The Origins of Rice Cultivation: Problems Associated with Finds of Rice and Ishibocho in the Northern Indian Subcontinent(G. Nakamura)
119 バクトリア青銅器文化の起源(堀 晄)
(A. Hori: The Coming of the Bactrian Broze Age Culture)
143 『冊府元亀』「外臣部朝貢篇」に見える西域諸国の献上動物「豹」について(藤井 純夫)
(S. Fujii: A Reassessment of the Meaning of 「豹」 Described in 『冊府元亀』「外臣部朝貢篇」)
169 いわゆる火神を描写したガンダーラ彫刻ー最古の毘首羯磨(ヴィシュヴァカルマン)像ー(田辺勝美)
(K. Tanabe: A Few Gandharan Reliefs depicting the Kusyan "Fire God (Athsyo)" and the Oldest Image of the Indian Vishvakarman)
213 魏志倭人伝の異文綿をめぐって(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: A Consideration around the Imon-zakkin Written in the Chinese Document of San-Kuo-Chih)
233 織物の東西交渉ー経綿と緯綿を中心にー(坂本和子)
(K. Sakamoto: Exchanges of Fabrics between the East and the West: the warp-faced compound weave and the weft-faced compound weave)

(C)1993 BAOM. XIV

第13号VOLUME XIII, 1992【在庫あり】¥6,000

001 The Outline of Culture Synthesis in the Nothern Caucasus (6th-9th Centuries A.D.)(Z. Daudet)
011 初期王朝期ラガシュ行政経済文書に見られるニンアズ神について(1)(小林登志子)
(T. Kobayashi: NINAZU: Why was he offered at the festivals of the Early Dynastic Lagas? (1))
051 ウェーショー:クシャン朝のもうーつの風神(田辺勝美)
(K. Tanabe: OESHO: Another Kushan Wind God)
095 兜跋毘沙門天像の起源(田辺勝美)
(K. Tanabe: Origin of Vaisravana/Tobatsubishamonten)
147 甘粛省靖遠出土 鍍金銀器の図像と年代(石渡美江)
(M. Ishiwata: Iconography and Date of a Silver Plate Unearthed at Jingyuan in Gansu Province, China)
167 吐魯番出土文書に見える「丘慈錦」と「疏勒錦」について(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: On the Kucha Silk and Kashgar Silk Encountered in the Turfan Documents)

(C)1992 BAOM. XIII

第12号VOLUME XII, 1991【在庫あり】¥5,500

001 Un buste colossal de Ramsès II à Tokyo(M. Suzuki)
007 Bahram III: Sakanshah and Shahanshah?(K. Tanabe)
041 An Essay on the Debut of the Chinese samit based on the Study of Astana Textiles(K. Yokohari)
103 農業起源論ノート(堀 晄)
(A. Hori: Notes on the Emergence of Agriculture)
129 新アッシリア時代の獅子狩り図浮彫における空間表現(渡辺千香子)
(Ch. Watanabe: The Depiction of Depth of Field in the Lion Hunt Reliefs of the Neo-Assyrian Period)
161 パルミラ彫刻の縦位メダイヨン葡萄唐草文の東漸(石渡美江)
(M. Ishiwata: The Eastward Diffusion of Vertical Vine-Scroll-Medallion Pattern of Palmyra

(C)1991 BAOM. XII

第11号VOLUME XI, 1990【在庫あり】¥7,500

001 Private Houses at Zagheh: A Sixth Millenninm B.C. Village in Iran(S. Malek Shahmirzadi)
025 Chronological Change of Designs on the Harappan Painted Pottery in Sind(H. Kamada)
065 Recording the Temple of Sethos I at Abydos in Egypt(J. Baines)
097 La production de l'huile d'olive dans l'antiquité dans le Nord-ouest de la Syrie(Sh. Wakita, A. Tsuneki & H. Sakaguchi)
121 Two Bronze Statuettes from Tuzandejan, Khurasan(A. Mousavi)
135 The Development of a Nomadic Empire: The Case of Ancient Turks (Tuque)(T. Hayashi)
185 考古学から見たインド=ヨーロッパ語問題(堀 晄)
(A. Hori: Indo-European Problem, an Archaeological View)
209 パキスタン北部、ホダルの岩壁画獅子像に関する一考察
ーK. Jettmar説に対する反論を中心にー(田辺勝美)
(K.Tanabe: Essay on Two Lion Images from the Rock carvings at Hodar, Upper Indus Valley: Reconsideration of K. Jettmar's Interpretations
257 複様平組織の緯錦についてー大谷探検隊将来絹資料の研究ー(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: On a Chinese Weft-faced Compound Tabby Silk: Study of a Silk Document Brought by the Japanese Otani Mission)

(C)1990 BAOM. XI

第10号VOLUME X, 1988-89【在庫あり】¥5,000

001 The Levallois Method at Tar Jamal, Kerbara, Iraq: Analysis and Comparison(Y. Nishiaki)
021 Chipped Stone Artifacts from Tape Djari B, Iran(A. Hori)
047 Excavations at Tell Mastuma, Syria, 1988(N. Egami, Sh. Wakita & K. Ishida)
077 Hatra, Sasanian Persia and Gandhara: The Problem of the Star-and-Crescent(K. Tanabe)
091 原歴史時代と初期王朝時代の印章様式の発展ー最近の印章研究の諸問題ー(今井綾子)
(A. Imai: Stylistic Studies on the Cylinder-Seals of Proto-Dynastic and Early Dynastic Age)
125 メスアンドゥ神について(小林登志子)
(T. Kobayashi: Miscellanea of Mesandu)
153 メソポタミアの円盤形車輪ーその構造・製作法に関する一考察ー(千代延恵正)
(Y.Chiyonobu: Disc-Wheels of Ancient Mesopotamia)
185 「綾」について(横張和子)
(K. Yokohari: Technical Study on Jōdai-aya)

(C)1989 BAOM. X

第9号VOLUME IX, 1987【在庫あり】¥3,500

001 A reconsideration of spondylus shell rings from Agia sofia Magoula, Greece(Tsuneki Akira)
017 Miscellaneous Notes on LUM-ma(Kobayashi Toshiko)
037 Kushan Bronze Medalions Restated(Tanabe Katsumi)
045 樹木状立飾冠の系譜と意義(石渡美江)
(Ishiwata Mie: Genealogy and significance of the crown with tree-shaped ornament)
071 経錦技法の理論的考察(横張和子)
(Yokohari Kazuko: On a warp-faced weave technique)
093 双龍連珠円門綾について(E.I. ルボ=レスニチェンコ,坂本和子)
(E.I. Lubo-Lesnitchenko, Sakamoto Kazuko: Silk bearing the design of two dragons diametically opposed within medallions)

(C)1987 BAOM. IX

第8号VOLUME VIII, 1986【在庫あり】¥3,500

001 A Flint Collection from Wadi Hauran near Rutba, Westernmost Iraq(Nishiaki Yoshihiro & Fujii Sumio)
025 "Palmyran Retouch": Unique on Proximal End of Flint Artifact in the Inland Syrian PPNB Industries(Fujii Sumio)
041 Iranian Origin of the Buddhist Urna(Tanabe Katsumi)
045 ジャリB出土の彩文土器-その分類と変遷(前田昭代)
(Maeda Akiyo: A Study on the Painted Pottery from Tepe Djari B)
087 アスターナ錦の編年と考察(横張和子)
(Yokohari Kazuko: Étude chronologique sur les soieries façonnées d'Astana)

(C)1986 BAOM. VIII

第7号VOLUME VII, 1985【在庫あり】¥5,500

i Foreword
xiii Schedule of the Symposium
001 The Neolithic of Yunnan(Kan Yong)
047 The Bronze Culture of West Yunnan(Kan Yong)
093 The Orient of Asiatic Rice Cultivation(Li Kunsheng)
113 A Reconsideration of the Wanjiaba Tombs in the Light of Dating and Periodization(Wang Dadao)
135 The Diffusion of Bronze Drums (Yunnan-type) and the Ethnohistory of the Pu(Hu Zhengdong)
155 Decline of the "Dian Culture" and rise of the "Liangdui Culture"(Sun Taichu)
167 "Social Fossils" in Yannan: the Theoretical Value of Ethnographic Date from Yannan(Gao Zongyu)
179 Chronological Table of Chinese Dynasties
180 Map
181 Glossary: Place Names, Person's Names, Book Titles, Ethnic Names, Technical Terms, Abbreviations

C)1985 BAOM. VII

第6号VOLUME VI, 1984【在庫あり】¥5,000

001 Iranian Origin of the Gandharan Buddha and Bodhisattva Images(Tanabe Katsumi)
029 A Study of the Sasanian disk-nimbus: Farewell to its Xvarnah theory(Tanabe Katsumi)
051 Agriculture and Settlements in the Hsiung-nu(Hayashi Toshio)
093 Snake and Bird Worship in Yayoi-time Japan: its similarities with the Shi-zhai-shan Culture(Kokubu Naoichi)
105 Tell Mastuma: A Preliminary report of the Excavations in Idlib, Syria, 1980-84(Egami Naomi, Wakita Shigeo and Gotoh Takeshi)
127 広瀬コレクションの粘土板文書の概報(五味亨)
(Cuneiform Tables of the Hirose Collection)(Gomi Tohru)
149 Notes
(A Study of the Optical Verification of Antiquities(Sato Senju)

(C)1984 BAOM. VI

第5号VOLUME V, 1983【在庫なし】(山川出版社にて取扱)

005 Preface
007 Main Field Works of N. Egami
008 A Bibliography of N. Egami (to 1983)
001 Mousterian Points from Shanidar Cave, Iraq(M. Anzai)
021 A Fara Tablet in a Japanese Collection(M. Yoshikawa)
029 Ten Cuneiform Texts from Some Japanese Collections(T. Gomi)
045 Early Scytho-Siberian Animal Style in the East Asia(Sh. Takahama)
055 Mithras and the Bride(H. Ogawa)
065 A New Discovered Thracian Tomb near Sveshtari, Bulgaria(Ivan Marazov)
087 Kushan Bronze Medallions from Japanese Collections(K. Tanabe)
109 タル・イ・ムシュキ遺跡の石器組成(古山学)
(Chipped Stone Tools Types at Tal-i Mushki, Iran)(M. Furuyama)
129 鎌刃の装着法分類(藤井純夫)
(Classification of the Mounting Type of Sickle Blades)(S. Fujii)
153 西アジア初期農耕遺跡より出土するスタンプ印章について(常木晃)
(Some Notes on the Neolitic Stamp Seals in Western Asia)(A.Tsuneki)
175 アラビア半島の新石器文化ー二・三の問題ー(後藤建)
(Notes on the Neolitic Age in the Arabian Peninsula)(T. Gotoh)
201 シリア出土の馬蹄形カマドについて(脇田重雄)
(Some Observations on Horseshoe-shaped Hearths from Syria)(S. Wakita)
215 近東の黒曜石遺物の化学分析(Ⅱ)(望月明彦、長島晃三)
(Chemical Analysis of Obsidian Artifacts from Near East (II))(A. Mochizuki, K. Nagashima)
229 ダマスカス国立博物館のマリ出土遺物(アフィフ・バハナシ)
(Objects de Mari exposés au Musée National de Damas)(A. Bahnassi)
239 王権と地域共同体(月本昭男)
(Kingship and Rural Community: On recent discussions about the social history of Syria in the Late Bronze Age)(A. Tsukimoto)
257 オリエントにおける夢判断の伝統(矢島文夫)
(On the Tradition of Dream Interpretation in the Ancient Orient and Medieval Europe)(F. Yajima)
267 古代バクトリアにおけるサルの造形(堀 晄)
(Monkeys in the Arts of the Ancient Bactria)(A. Hori)
281 西アジアにおけるスタンプ円筒印章について(石田恵子)
(The Ancient Near Eastern Stamp-cyrinder Seals)(K. Ishida)
299 ウラルトゥ青銅製ベルトにみられる饗宴図について(宮下佐江子)
(La scène du banquet dans les ceintures urartéennes)(S. Miyashita)
323 湖北省随県擂鼓敦1号墓出土の同心円文ガラス珠(谷一尚)
(Western Designed "Composite Eye" Glass Beads Recently Excavated in China)(T. Taniichi)
341 披針形頭部の女性土偶ーコプト時代の葬祭慣習ー(鈴木まどか)
(Sur la signification de figurines Coptes)(M. Suzuki)
349 法隆寺四騎獅子狩文錦の成立について(横張和子)
(Sur le début en Chine du samit façonné de Horyuji)(K. Yokohari)
377 鮮卑・柔然における農耕と城塞(林俊雄)
(Agriculture and Fortification of the Sien-bi and Jou-jan)(T. Hayashi)

(C)1983 BAOM. V

第4号VOLUME IV, 1982【在庫なし】

001 Introduction
by Tanabe Katsumi
003 Bibiliography of the Urartian Studies before 1982
by Hayashi Toshio
068 Catalogue
by Hori Akira, Miyashita Saeko and Ishida Keiko

(C)1982 BAOM. IV

第3号VOLUME III, 1981【在庫なし】

001 A Stone Age Collection from the Rub' al Khali Desert(Gotoh Takeshi)
017 Problems of Dating the Bronze Age in Bulgaria(Ivan Panayotov)
037 Collections to Charles L. Badale, Sumerian Tablets from Umma in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, Manchester 1915(Gomi Tohru)
041 Ein Frühaltbabylonischer Text in Japan(Gomi Tohru)
043 Dailaman and Halimehjan: Re-examinations of their Chronologies(Hori Akira)
063 An Ordos Plaque from Bactria(Takahama Shu)
069 Iranian Background of the Flaming and Watering Buddha Images in Kushan Period(Tababe Katsumi)
083 近東の黒曜石遺物の化学分析(1)(望月明彦)
(Chemical Analysis of Obsidian Artifacts from Near East (1)) (Mochizuki Akihiko)
101 伝イラン出土小鐸について(石田恵子)
(Bronze Bells from Iran)(Ishida Keiko)
115 法隆寺蔵四騎獅子狩文錦に関する一考察(道明美保子)
(Some Observations on the Silk with Design of Lion Hunt owned by the Horyu-ji)(Domyo Mihoko)
127 Book Review
The Pinches Manuscript (edited by E. Sollberger)(Gomi Tohru)

(C)1981 BAOM. III

第2号VOLUME II, 1980【在庫なし】

001 Female Figurines of the Early Hassuna Culture(Hori Akira)
013 120 Unpublished Administrative Texts from the Ur-III Period in the British Museum(Gomi Tohru)
045 Unique Sasanian Silver Plate with Bahram Gur's Ostrich-hunting Scene and with Gold-inlay(Tanabe Katsumi)
071 Nanaia とTasmetum に関する一問題について(松島英子)
(An Approach to the Problem of Nanaia and Tasmetum)(Matsushima Eiko)
083 バフラーム・グールの狩猟図に見られる三日月形鏃について(宮下佐江子)
(Considération sur pointe de flèche à la forme de croissant représente dans la scène de chasse de Bahram Gur)(Miyashita Saeko)

(C)1980 BAOM. II

第1号VOLUME I, 1979【在庫なし】

i Foreword
iii Schedule of the Symposium
001 The Old Bulgarian Culture and its Achievements in the 13-14th Centuries(Vassil Gjuzelev)
013 Spartacus' Uprising and Ancient Thracia(Doi Masaoki)
027 The Bulgarian Nation on the Eve of its Liberation(Krumka Sharove)
037 The Thracian Mythology and the Bulgarian Folklore(Ivan Marazov)
049 Byzantium, Bulgaria, And Japan: with Special Reference to the Formation of Bulgarian Peoples(Shoju Keitaro)
065 The jewellery of Ancient Thrace(Alexander Minchev)
077 Regional Museum of History, Varna. Chief Motif Chamber of the Kazanluk Tomb(Alexander Minchev)
085 The Ancient Orient Museum Abbreviations(Egami Namio)
087 List of Plates

(C)1980 BAOM. I

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